Founded 1951

Sala Powell-Dabney
President from 2010-2014

Charmette Sala Powell is the Chapter’s President. A member since 1998, Sala served a four-year term as Vice President. She has served on several committees, and she has served as chairperson for special projects. Sala is a recipient of Gwendolyn Baker Rodgers Spirit Award. Sala also serves as National Reporter.

Sala is a native of Alabama. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts, which adequately explains her talents as a singer, dancer, reader, and tutor. She is a free-lance photographer.

Sala is a member of Fifth Baptist Church, Richmond, VA. She is very active in many organizations, to include the Missions Ministry, Marriage Ministry, and the Spiritualaires.

Sala is married to Archer Dabney. They are the proud parents of a daughter, Adia.