Chapter Roster

  • Edna Rodwell- President
  • Pamela B. Smith - Vice-President
  • Melissa Dilworth - Secretary
  • C. Rena Gardner - Treasurer
  • Evelyn Jamison - Financial/Assistant Secretary
  • Rosa Lewis - Chaplain
  • Sala Powell-Dabney - Reporter/Historian
  • Cynthia Bentley - Parliamentarian
  • Wilhelmena Williams - Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Mary Conyers
  • Lois Cumber
  • Janice Gardener
  • Angela Haule
  • Annette Henry
  • Alice A. Jones
  • Dr. Margaret Jones
  • Darlene Nunery
  • Mamie D. Nunery
  • Sonata Parks
  • Ashley Miles-Pinkney
  • Delores Murray
  • Frances K. Scott
  • Bertha B. Taylor
  • Caretha Wallace
  • Florence Winston-Roads
  • Joyce J. Wooldridge

Honorary Members

  • Doris Day
  • Shirley Gault
  • Ruth Kendall
  • Amanda Montaque
  • Constance Thompson

Committee Chairpersons

  • Pamela B. Smith – Fundraising Committee Chairperson
  • Pamela B. Smith - Community Service Committee Chairperson
  • Rosa Lewis - Benevolent Chairperson

Richmond Metropolitan Chapter's History

Chartered in 1991, the Richmond Metropolitan Chapter has a rich history of service to the metropolitan area. In October 1990, Edna P. Rodwell, convened a group of ten women at Fifth Baptist Church, located at 1415 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA, to garner the interest of forming a local chapter of The Charmettes, Incorporated. The attendees were Lois Cumber, Evelyn Jamison, Margaret Jones, Marsha Meekins, Etta Caution, Shelia Smith, Sallie Thompson, Delores Tyler, Wilhelmena Williams and Audrey Winston. The group elected Edna Rodwell as its first president.

In January 1991, Founders Frankie Drayton Thomas and Gwendolyn Baker Rodgers came to Richmond for a briefing session about the Organization and our obligations. Although overwhelming at the time, we accepted the challenge. During the weekend of March 9,1991, one of the coldest ever, representatives from fourteen chapters of The Charmettes, Incorporated, came to the Richmond Marriott with beautiful gifts, lots of love, and support to install its fifteenth chapter.

Our first major project was the Junior Charmette Pageant. As our membership continued to grow, the Chapter implemented other projects, to include the Adopt-A-Child With Cancer Program and The Soirée (An Evening Party), where supporters enjoyed their favorite board or card game and a meal prepared by Chapter members. These events continue to be a part of our yearly calendar.

In May 1992, during the 37th National Convention, held in Tampa, FL, the Chapter presented the largest cancer research donation, a check for $1,500. For the next twelve years (1993-2004), with cancer research donations ranging from $1,500 to $4,000, the Chapter received a Certificate of Recognition for the largest cancer donations to Howard University.

Charmette Rodwell was a trailblazer for future Chapter presidents to serve two two-year terms as President, to include Charmettes Lois Cumber, Cynthia Bentley, Darlene Nunery, Evelyn Jamison, and Sala Powell-Dabney. Charmette Mamie D. Nunery currently serves as the Chapter’s president, with a roster of 18 members; Charmettes Rena Gardner, Lois Barnes, Cynthia Bentley, Lois Cumber, Mary Conyers, Janice Gardener, Annette Henry, Evelyn Jamison, Rosa Lewis, Delores Murray, Darlene Nunery, Sala Powell-Dabney, Edna Rodwell, Frances Scott, Pamela Smith, Bertha Taylor, Trudy Vassè and Wilhelmena Williams. We also have six honorary members, Almeda Cousins, Doris Day, Shirley Gault, Ruth Kendall, Amanda Montague, and Constance Thompson.

We have had the distinction of having three national officers. Charmette Rodwell served two terms as National President from 2009-2012, along with Charmette Cynthia Bentley as National Parliamentarian, and Charmette Sala Powell-Dabney, who served one term as National Reporter. The Chapter's Charter Members, Charmettes Lois Cumber, Evelyn Jamison and Edna Rodwell, received recognition plaques during the 50th National Convention, held in Nassau, Bahamas.

We continue to seek innovative ways of raising awareness for cancer, which includes informing the community through education, early detection, and prevention. We believe that through prayer, financial support, and research, researchers will eradicate cancer in our lifetime.

Current Chapter President Chapter President - Edna Rodwell

Charmette Edna P. Rodwell is a founding and chartered member of the Richmond Metropolitan Chapter. She was instrumental in convening a group of ten women to discuss the possibility and interest in becoming members of a national organization, The Charmettes, Incorporated. She has given tireless service as President, Secretary, 2002 Convention Chairperson, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary. Currently, Edna serves as President. Eda served as National President from 2019 to 2013. She also served a two-year term as National Reporter. She is the recipient of the 2013 Eunice W. Thompson Merit Award.
A native of Warren County, North Carolina, Edna is the third of six siblings. Edna received a BA Degree in Education from Shaw University, Raleigh North Carolina, and a Masters of Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

In accordance with The Charmettes, Incorporated ByLaws, each elected officer will serve a two-year term. An officer can be re-elected to serve a consecutive term. Officers are limited to serving consecutively for four years. The Richmond Metropolitan Chapter has been fortunate to have six presidents who accepted the challenge to serve consecutive two-year terms. Under the leadership of these exceptional Charmette sisters, the Chapter continued to grow and expand in ways that reflects well on the mission of The Charmettes, Incorporated.

The Chapter's past presidents are:

Mamie D. Nunery 2014-2018
Sala Powell-Dabney 2010-2014
Evelyn P. Jamison 2006-2010
E. Darlene Nunery 2002-2006
Cynthia E. Bentley 1998-2002
Lois C. Cumber 1994-1998
Edna P. Rodwell 1990-1994